Unsound Variations by GRRM podcast review (full spoilers)

Episode 130 for the week of Jan 5th, in which we conclusively complete the holiday season by releasing our second Christmas Filks episode, continuing the yearly tradition. Ashley, Amin, and Kyle are joined by BOK and VOK guest host Leigh (Lord Manderblee) to cover chapter 48 (Arya IX) of A Clash of Kings. We thank Greg from Restaurant of the Mind books for sending us The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister.

Notes: For the full lyrics and list of writers and singers for this year’s Christmas Filks, check out the relevant forum thread. Congratulations to the Walking Dead Cast for winning the Entertainment category at the 2013 Podcast Awards. Thanks to all our fans and listeners for nominating us this year and voting daily for us. If there were an award for best podcast listeners, we are sure you would collectively win it!

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